150th Gettysburg

We are looking for recruits to join 4th US Light Artillery Battery A.  We are a family oriented organization.  If you are interested, please complete the join form and someone will get back to ASAP.

Welcome to Cushing’s Battery A – 4th US Artillery web page. This unit formed in 2000 to honor and to keep alive the memory of the men who served in Battery A of the 4th US Artillery during the American Civil War. Our purpose is to acknowledge and preserve the memories and sacrifices that not only these men made but for all of those, both past and present, who have served to protect and defend the freedom that we cherish in America today.

Cushings Battery is a not-for-profit Civil War artillery reenacting unit based out of Rochester, NY. Our members include artillerists, artillery support, medics, sanitary commission members, and civilians portraying life during the years of 1861-1865. While Cushing’s Battery participates in Civil War Reenactments, members also take part in dedication ceremonies, memorials, parades and school events.